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Dates of Future Past


FIVE ALIVE. omg do you remember that juice? so good.

lots of strife in the fifth episode. rafe has too many t-shirts, rafe struggles with reading, both caleb and rafe struggle with the x-men movie timeline after watching days of future past (and they may not know the correct order of things so please feel free to correct them. also spoilers). renfaire talk. uncomfortable sexual noises. awkward english class experiences. the whispers of a thousand voices… a brief discussion of two great comic books, and of course, a sam rockwell movie and their songs of the week.

since the first giveaway was so much fun, we’ve decided to do another one. and GET THIS – if you’re a loyal* fan, you’ll get to choose a prize from our bag instead of just getting a random item. use the steps below! drawing will end on October 18, 2014 at midnight central time. we’ll announce a winner by October 24, 2014 and that winner will have one week to respond to accept the prize. we’ll list the fun prizes later (we’re lazy). in layman’s terms:
1. RT at least one rafe hates caleb episode tweet (the ones that say “rafe hates caleb”)
3. ???
4. chance for random gift
5. sign up for lootcrate here (optional but awesome!)

*to be loyal, you must retweet four sequential “rafe hates caleb” episode tweets within a week of the original tweet date. for example, rafe hates caleb 002, rafe hates caleb 003, rafe hates caleb 004, rafe hates caleb 005. if you get to four sequential retweets, you’re loyal! if you forget one, you gotta start over. do you need me to make a chart? I’ll do it. I WILL.

originally recorded June 1, 2014

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