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All I Can Do


this episode starts off with rafe complaining about kickstarter, specifically the “potato salad guy” but caleb one-ups rafe by telling how no one can pronounce his name when taking role. and then they joke about isis and death in urban areas (not cool, guys. not cool). but they recover by discussing multiple penises on crowley from supernatural. rafe pines over cord of dudeOMG, and caleb and rafe have a good laugh over cord’s drunk texting. caleb, the master of the english language, decides “firefly” is a verb meaning “playing episodes out of order.” use it, kids. it’s powerful. on a sad note, caleb is done with starscream. with a name like that, wasn’t it only a matter of time? caleb worries over grimlock and then names all the transformers who represent women in his life. they laugh over will’s ridiculous puns on dudeOMG. rafe is concerned over her obsession with mobile games, then she and caleb decide to play WoW (because THAT’S a better way to spend their time). caleb gushes over bad movies then breaks rafe of her crush on cord. they talk about their sam rockwell movie, seven psychopaths, which they both really really liked. they go back in time to some geocities websites. and of course, they do their three songs of the week – the theme being three songs in a row from a mix CD. then rafe and caleb talk about boners and bone marrow. it’s pretty awks. let us know what you think! tweet us or comment below.

originally recorded september 14, 2014

Gather Rain


rafe gets a little too graphic talking about thunderknuckles and caleb and rafe try to come up with a naming convention for her beaus – caleb has the transformers, which is amazing. he goes on a date with starscream, who doesn’t drink and caleb doesn’t understand. but she’s allergic to green vegetables. BUT WAIT IT GETS BETTER – someone has a secret crush on caleb!! they discuss their very healthy eating habits. caleb talks about ghosts in his childhood home. rafe contemplates why someone would delete their profile on okcupid. for the record, she has over 50 okcupid contacts in her phone. they talk about their sam rockwell movie, hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, and their favorite songs from the 1960’s. caleb totally takes over the podcast with his singing. caleb has dreams about a person from his past. they both say things are weird. a lot. weird is the word of the day. rafe whines to caleb until he lets her talk about kickstarter. GUESS WHAT SHE BACKED ANOTHER MOVIE WITH ADAM JOHNSON (a christmas dragon, which is out on DVD now). also, caleb is such an asshole but then he hurts himself which is totally karmic justice. they end on a high note arguing about being like dudeOMG.

originally recorded september 6, 2014

I Like Watching the Puddles


this episode starts with rafe and caleb complaining about g-force. it’s a horrible movie with some great actors (including sam rockwell, of course), then rafe grumbles about nicholas sparks’ romantic stories… she may or may not be viewing the entire world through cynical eyes. boring stories abound!! the power outage! the cultural food! masturbation! sweat and umbrellas! woodpeckers! we’re sorry that rafe leads a mundane midwest life. caleb tries to recover by making up a new sex move.

caleb talks about dating woes (tinder) and how he’ll clean his house for a stranger coming over but not for rafe. ok ok, he didn’t say that specifically, but it’s true. and he faps. NOT ON THE PODCAST. wouldn’t THAT be entertaining? rafe is a socially awkward penguin, and a stalker, when it comes to cashiers. rafe ponders what to do with a school bus if she owned one. she’s power hungry. speaking of cars, caleb hates his and has to learn how to do his own repairs. they talk about mashups as their songs of the week. caleb totally cheated by making someone else find songs for him (thanks, DJ pollyswag). oh, and rafe has no shame and will go on two first-meets in one day. but caleb’s a liar so we think that’s worse. anyway, a woodpecker basically ruins the end of this episode. enjoy.

originally recorded August 24, 2014

My Life is Pretty Plain


lots of giggles in episode nine. rafe and caleb have trouble figuring out where rafe is with scrubs. rafe reads an okcupid profile aloud and it’s amazing, then she gets angry and yells a bit. caleb talks about the awkwardness of tinder and dating in general, and being jerked off in cars, which prompts rafe to tell the story of the strangest man she’s ever been with (hint: nipple rubbing and virgins). caleb and rafe also divulge the most interesting one night stands they’ve had. they talk about their sam rockwell movie, cowboys and aliens, and rafe kind of gushes a bit. not sexually, you perv (well, maybe a little when olivia wilde comes up). there are also songs! because that happens every week. rafe sings! that doesn’t happen every week and you’ll hear why (it’s horrible). by the way, rafe would like to apologize for not updating the sam rockwell and music pages recently. she’s been too busy playing WoW and… well, that’s about it.

originally recorded August 10, 2014