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caleb and rafe both had some nice drinking experiences. rafe recaps a beerfest and gets a little too enthusiastic about it, and caleb generalizes how people in their 50’s dress. caleb reviews a new soda – celery soda (dr. brown’s cel-ray, to be specific). he went to the renfaire and heckled some acts like ichabod wainwright. the two of them look forward to more justin long movies and caleb relives the trivia night he went to. caleb is now baller enough to get lootcrate and also to buy things for his car. because of rain. this inspires some pretty good advice when it comes to buying used vehicles. they also laugh at rafe’s horrible reading skills and wonder what promises they’ve broken on the podcast. dragon warriors has an official date for the premiere!!! rafe uses the “R” word and they start cracking up about drop dead gorgeous. but seriously see this movie. they watch crossroads as their justin long movie and pick their three top britney spears songs. next week, jeepers creepers 2. they bullshit more about drop dead gorgeous because seriously see this movie. the bright place is about tasmanian devils. next week will be jeepers creepers 2 and songs having to do with part 2 or seconds. don’t forget to like rafe hates caleb on facebook and follow @rafehatescaleb on twitter to stay in the loop with all their shenanigans.

originally recorded September 27, 2015

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