sam rockwell

when caleb and rafe were rooming together, they got the bright idea to watch every movie sam rockwell has ever been in. the list below catalogs each movie in the order they watched them for the podcast. it also includes their very important ratings of said movies.

date movie summary caleb rafe
09/05/2014 glory daze (1995) ben affleck plays an art student rooming with a bunch of guys (including sam rockwell’s character) who are all coming to terms with growing up. 7/10 7.5/10
09/12/2014 jerry and tom (1998) jerry, a novice hitman works with tom (played by joe mantegna), a veteran. jerry falls deeper into enjoying being a hitman, while watching tom slowly tire of the lifestyle. 7/10 7.5/10
09/19/2014 galaxy quest (1999) the retired actors of a sci-fi TV show sign up to help some real-life aliens. tim allen plays the jerk commander and sam rockwell plays the “red shirt” comic relief. 10/10 10/10
09/26/2014 iron man 2 (2010) justin hammer (sam rockwell) makes a shady deal with ivan vanko (mickey rourke) to get a leg up on stark industries but the plan goes to shit when ivan tries to avenge his father by battling iron man. 3.5/5 6.5/10
10/03/2014 teenage mutant ninja turtles (1990) riveting acting by sam rockwell as head thug in a fantastic adventure with mutants leo, mikey, raf, and donnie. COWABUNGA. 10/10 9/10
10/10/2014 choke (2008) based on the book by chuck palahnuik, sam rockwell plays victor, a man addicted to sex who’s trying to take care of his ill mother in a hospital. bonus: seeing gillian jacob’s boobs. 8/10 7/10
10/17/2014 everybody’s fine (2009) a composer is emotionally torn between telling his father the truth or keeping a secret. his father shows up out of the blue after none of the kids come visit for dinner. 8.5/10 3/5
10/24/2014 confessions of a dangerous mind (2002) chuck barris is a gameshow superstar who is also a CIA hitman – at least that’s what he says. 3/5 2.5/5
10/31/2014 clownhouse (1989) three young boys (the eldest being sam rockwell) are in a house alone close to halloween. three mental patients escape and don clown costumes and terrorize the boys. 6.3/10 3.5/10
11/07/2014 cowboys and aliens (2011) spaceships and the wild west! aliens show up in this spaghetti western where sam rockwell plays doc, the local bar owner. people are kidnapped and the cowboys fight back. 6/10 7.5/10
11/14/2014 g-force (2009) guinea pigs are secret agents. they follow their leader – played by sam rockwell – to uncover some diabolical plans and end up saving the world. 4.83/10 5/10
11/21/2014 hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy (2005) the earth gets destroyed and a spaceship captain loved by all brings a couple of humans on an adventure around the universe. based on the fantastic book by douglas adams. 7.9/10 7.2/10
11/28/2014 seven psychopaths (2012) a crazy dude and friend to an alcoholic screenwriter gets involved with seven psychopaths to inspire the author’s next screenplay. 5/5 4.5/5
12/05/2014 the green mile (1999) “wild bill” wharton terrorizes death row inmates and caretakers, namely john coffey who has been accused of child rape and murder but has a miracle gift. 5/5 5/5
12/12/2014 the sitter (2011) this uninspired piece dredged up from the bowels of hollywood rips off the classic movie, “adventures in babysitting.” sam rockwell’s character, karl, and his merry men provide some entertainment. 1/10 1.5/10
12/19/2014 joshua (2007) his son begins to show signs of abuse and it turns out to be true… because joshua drives people to do it.
12/26/2014 midsummer night’s dream (1999) a lighthearted performance forces francis flute to play a woman. will he be the laughingstock or steal the show? 4.2/5 8.3/10
01/02/2015 the way way back (2013) a goofy kid gets taken under the wing of owen, the lovable owner of a water park. owen teaches the kid some good lessons in this coming-of-age story. 8.73/10
billy rated it 5.55/10
01/09/2015 box of moonlight (1996) the kid runs into al fountain, a man trying to recover some of his youth. al hangs around and becomes a great friend to the kid.
01/16/2015 moon (2001) sam bell and sam bell walk into a moon bar. the robot bartender asks “what’ll it be?” and the sam’s say “FREEDOMMMMM”
01/23/2015 the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford (2007) charley’s been watching out for his brother, robert, his entire life. joining jesse james’ gang just made that a little harder. 8.1/10
01/30/2015 the winning season (2009) a man struggles to recover from defeat by coaching a girl’s basketball team and is determined to not let them down. 4.36/5
02/06/2015 better living through chemistry (2014) an uptight, pushover pharmacist gets into his own supply, which we all know you should never do.
02/13/2015 lawn dogs (1997) master lawncare specialist by day, baba yaga by night, trent begrudgingly befriends a young girl who’s a bit of a social outcast herself. 8.3/10 8.73/10
02/20/2015 a case of you (2013) STRARD. a drunk guitar player teaches a snively little stalker how to play guitar to impress a girl. oh and rafe’s flame, adam johnson, shows up. 3.75/5 3.85/5
02/27/2015 laggies (2014) an older woman starts hanging around craig’s daughter and he’s not sure how to deal with her. 5.9/7 8.8/10
03/06/2015 snow angels (2007) glenn’s wife won’t let him see his daughter, even though he’s done everything he can for them. they belong together and god will see them through. 3.1/5 2.1/5
03/13/2015 a single shot (2013) while out poaching, john moon accidentally shoots a girl. he finds a shit-ton of money in the act of hiding the body. he spends the rest of the movie deeply regretting his decision to take the money. 2/5 1.5/5
03/20/2015 gentlemen broncos (2009) in a wondrous story, brutus is the man everyone wants to be and be around. fearless, powerful, and unstoppable. too bad his part keeps getting rewritten. 8.15/10 8.4/10
03/27/2015 charlie’s angels (2000) eric knox, software mongrel, is secretly doing stuff that the angels haven’t noticed. he’s pretty devious and witty. better than g-force worse than g-force
04/03/2015 trust me (2013) what do you do when you’re a big-time talent agent and you think you deserve to represent a child actor? you screw over anyone in your way. 2/5 2.1/5
04/10/2015 loitering with intent his girlfriend’s annoying brother and shitty friend try to sabotage his relationship. 8.5/10 8/10
04/17/2015 safe men sam and his buddy are lounge singers but decide to up their game by becoming safe men after accidentally being labeled as such by the local mafia
04/24/2015 frost/nixon a man on a mission, wanting to give nixon the trial he never had, by toiling through tons of documents with the end game being a nationally renowned interview. 4/5 3.75/5
05/01/2015 welcome to collinwood you guys know pero? the story of a heist to end all heists. pero tries to keep a group of misfit criminals organized while trying not to fall in love with a clueless woman. 8.4/10 8.5/10
05/08/2015 conviction wrongfully imprisoned, kenny waits for the day when his sister finishes her law degree and reopens his case. 9/10 8.5/10
05/15/2015 made a soft-spoken man with perfect hair helps some patrons at the hotel where he works. he’s treated very rudely and one of the patrons even yells at him. 1.5/5
05/22/2015 last exit to brooklyn a depressing tale of sexual abuse, gangs, and prostitution. 2/5 1/4
05/29/2015 the f word a man interviewed for a slop of a mockumentary. you can’t even see his face because of the filter put on. waste of time. .5/10
06/05/2015 light sleeper what kind of name is jealous? well, a drug dealer and another drug dealer get into some shit. 1/20
06/12/2015 in the soup a mentally handicapped young adult has his family to take care of him. he loves the man next door. 3/5 3/5
06/19/2015 basquiat thugs beat up a man on the street for an original basquiat piece. 4/5 3/5
06/26/2015 strictly business sleazy businessman with a minion tries to overshadow the true hard worker in a company. who will win this business battle? 3/10 6.7/10
brony rated it 7/10
07/03/2015 heist mr. jimmy silk has some tricks up his sleeve during this elaborate robbery of pure gold. 5/10 6.72/10
07/10/2015 mercy it’s a kidnapping!! damn these inside jobs. rating method this time is hair length bald marge simpson. greg rated it .5″/5″ length hair
07/17/2015 happy hell night a young henry collins makes a horrible mistake when it comes to deals with a demon.
07/24/2015 matchstick men PISS. BLOOD. a conman and a conman work together to take advantage of other people. a wild daughter appears! she uses emotion! it’s super effective! 3/5 3.5/5
07/31/2015 jack and his friends jack befriends two burglars after having a marriage crisis. they party hard at jack’s summer home. there’s a big, stone vagina in there somewhere. 7/10 7.4/10
08/07/2015 somebody to love a day laborer’s friend, ernesto, falls in love with a taxi dancer. it doesn’t end well. 5.8/10 5.1/10
08/14/2015 the search for one-eye jimmy jimmy’s missing, god dammit. half the town is out looking for this guy. lots of shenanigans.
08/21/2015 celebrity it is an extreme honor to be a member of the darrow entourage. darrow’s a very influential actor that’s been working with some really good writers. 4/10 4.3/10
08/28/2015 13 moons a stripclub owner puts up with a bunch of bullshit from drug addicts, weirdo priests, and lady drama 2.5/5 2.1/5
09/04/2015 drunks an AA meeting gets serious as someone falls off the wagon 7.5/10 5.5/10