Hunger Pains


rafe is very hungry. they talk about dicks for a bit. rafe tries to sing a song from homestarrunner. caleb’s taking a film class and wow, he’s awkward. he has no social skills. cord from dudeOMG asked how rafe can dislike people and being touched, but really wants kids. caleb decides the best way to damage a child, they talk about the men from three men and a baby, and rafe splooshes a bit. caleb brings up an old website that’s worth seeing but apparently has been stripped of all pictures so go here to see some. they discuss their sam rockwell movie (lots of spoilers), moon, and caleb gives rafe a bunch of shit about drinking. rafe found the best youtube videos for birthdays and everyone should find their own name. rafe’s bright place is still a thing for now, so at least there’s something positive in the episode. they go through their three favorite space songs for the music this week. did we mention caleb is super awkward in his film class? what a nerd. don’t forget to like rafe hates caleb on facebook and follow rafe or caleb on twitter to stay in the loop with all their shenanigans.

rafe has decided she has too much stuff… for the month of january 2015 she’ll be setting free a lot of her lootcrate (and other nerdy) things. all you have to do to qualify is, during january 2015, retweet a january 2015 podcast tweet or share a rafe hates caleb facebook podcast post. she will GIVE YOU STUFF AS LONG AS THERE’S STUFF TO GIVE. that means you’ll most likely get a prize. how cool is that? here’s where it gets better: if you retweet (or share on facebook) every january 2015 podcast post IN january 2015, you’ll get an extra entry. you have to either retweet all or repost all to get the extra entry. you can’t retweet some and repost the others. NO MIXING OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA. she has like 20-30 items to give away so please tell your buddies about sharing and retweeting. baby steps:
1. during the month of january 2015, RT at least one january 2015 rafe hates caleb episode tweet (tweet example here) or share a rafe hates caleb facebook post (facebook example here)
2. Step 2 is unnecessary – Caleb said so
3. ???
4. almost GUARANTEED chance for random gift
5. optional awesomeness (aka the ALL IN): during january 2015, RT ALL january 2015 rafe hates caleb episode tweets OR share all january 2015 rafe hates caleb posts and get an extra entry.

* the single entry will be qualified using facebook and twitter. this means if you share once on facebook and RT once on twitter, you get two entries. there will be a limit of two regular entries per household and two “ALL IN” entries per household. if you have any questions about the rules, you can always post to rafe hates caleb‘s wall or tweet to rafe or caleb and we’ll be happy to clarify anything

originally recorded January 7, 2015

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