Plenty of Zero Days


rafe’s been reading on askreddit again. they talk about their weekends and also about zero days. there’s a very confusing conversation where rafe refers to caleb’s shirt around his head. no one else can see what caleb’s doing, so it’s a little strange… and caleb insists he’s going to start being better to himself next week. possibly no alcohol. possibly. they talk a bit about a little chaos with alan rickman. then caleb gets pissy so they quickly cover their songs about chaos and small things. they’re coming up on the last of the alan rickman movies and need to know who to watch next!! but for next week, they’ll be watching alan rickman in eye in the sky and doing songs about sky and eyes. don’t forget to like rafe hates caleb on facebook and follow @rafehatescaleb on twitter to stay in the loop with all their shenanigans. you can also watch caleb play games sometimes on twitch.

originally recorded August 29, 2017

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