Speak My Point of View


SO ANGRY. most of this episode is about rafe and caleb hating everything, including the sam rockwell movie. they list things they’d rather do than watch the sitter again (spoiler: there are a lot of things). rafe tries some levity by reading craigslist personals (hashtag sasquatch) and caleb tells his own horrific tale regarding craigslist. then more hate. more anger. too-many-cooks anger. caleb deals with being trapped in a lurching vehicle with a horde of twenty-something females. they contemplate the life of perverts before the internet existed and the world of warcraft DDOS bullshit. oh, and caleb calls rafe out on some of her bullshit, then talks about kids being complete jerks and how upsetting cheating can be. caleb does something nice for children and humblebrags all over the place. that’s basically the only good thing in this whole thing. well, that and caleb being in a relationship with a man. and caleb bulldozes over a lot of rafe talking. they wrap up everything with angry songs. so much anger.

originally recorded november 15, 2014

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