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A Different Word For Fun


caleb is finally taking advantage of his networking and gets his coworkers to like the podcast page. he talks about his boring work with rafe and then rafe talks about boring cars and caleb is an ass about it. arguing about about sushi and bickering about consumer reports. caleb is on point this episode! rafe worries about russia trying to take over the north pole. sadly, rafe watched farce of the penguins… and it was pretty bad… but then caleb talks about wet hot american summer: first day of camp! awesome! rafe finds interesting, alternate words for fun and caleb won’t help her by making some badass mac n cheese by chef stuart o’keeffe. sad face. caleb was “wrong wrong wrong wrong, wrong wrong wrong wrong” about being on the last sam rockwell movie. so the search for one-eye jimmy is worth a watch. we’ll see about celebrity, the NEXT sammy rockwell movie. almost done… almost… songs theme this week is titles with names in ’em. caleb recites almost all of a song and then blindsides rafe with tinder and completely ruins rafe’s bright place about cecil the lion. but full recovery – lenny kravitz’s dick was exposed on stage after a “wardrobe malfunction (NSFW!!).” rafe judges. caleb cuts her off before it gets too weird. they need you to guess the next actor they’ll be watching. tag @rafehatescaleb. DO IT. they swipe through a bunch of tinder people for caleb right at the end. like rafe hates caleb on facebook and follow @rafehatescaleb on twitter to stay in the loop with all their shenanigans.

originally recorded August 4, 2015