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My Life is Pretty Plain


lots of giggles in episode nine. rafe and caleb have trouble figuring out where rafe is with scrubs. rafe reads an okcupid profile aloud and it’s amazing, then she gets angry and yells a bit. caleb talks about the awkwardness of tinder and dating in general, and being jerked off in cars, which prompts rafe to tell the story of the strangest man she’s ever been with (hint: nipple rubbing and virgins). caleb and rafe also divulge the most interesting one night stands they’ve had. they talk about their sam rockwell movie, cowboys and aliens, and rafe kind of gushes a bit. not sexually, you perv (well, maybe a little when olivia wilde comes up). there are also songs! because that happens every week. rafe sings! that doesn’t happen every week and you’ll hear why (it’s horrible). by the way, rafe would like to apologize for not updating the sam rockwell and music pages recently. she’s been too busy playing WoW and… well, that’s about it.

originally recorded August 10, 2014