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Alpha & Omega (Pokemon Go)


pokemon GO? YES! pokemon GO!!! for like a half hour, rafe and caleb talk all about the ups and downs of pokemon GO! rafe does her IT support desk stuff and walks caleb through checking his apps that are allowed full access to his google account. it’s exhausting, but hopefully it helps someone else. anyway, pokemon GO is the tits. more news related to pokemon GO: the holocaust museum. yup. also real-life fights, how to properly balance work-pokemon life, and pikachu get. caleb talks about his bro date which – you guessed it – involves pokemon GO (but also retro gaming). they talk about their favorite things about the game. rafe loves a kid’s innovation and caleb loves the connection to his brothers. rafe nerds out over corsair computer case fans. no, really. then she brings everyone down by talking about the president of the philippines being fucked up in the head. college classes are over, and caleb and rafe celebrate by complaining. but also pokemon GO!!! and caleb talks a bit about nerdy stuff revolving around dan harmon in harmonquest. also seeso and safety words. after all the pokemon GO stuff simmers down, they discuss the justin long movie, alpha and omega. caleb uses dad rationalization, and rule 34 comes up. rafe did songs about being first and caleb did songs about being last. and rafe sings a little, sorry. next week, they’ll be engrossed in the conspirator, where justin long plays some dude in history. songs will be about presidents. and maybe there will be more stuff about pokemon GO to talk about, too. one can dream… don’t forget to like rafe hates caleb on facebook and follow @rafehatescaleb on twitter to stay in the loop with all their shenanigans.

originally recorded July 12, 2016