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rafe talks about her exciting life of training and caleb updates everyone on his cough situation and brags about his perfect blood. brags come about when he talks about his night out and his loki-level dart game. but then things get real when caleb, furybox, and billy from dudeOMG go on a painful adventure involving hot peppers. it gets bathroom gross. rafe goes full angry-old-man talking about new technology. they talk about their justin long movie of the week, comet, which is currently streaming on netflix. they did cover songs and rafe leans heavily on the AV club’s AV underground. next week, they watch justin long in the lookalike, also currently streaming on netflix. rafe’ll do songs about liking and caleb will do songs about looking. don’t forget to like rafe hates caleb on facebook and follow @rafehatescaleb on twitter to stay in the loop with all their shenanigans.

originally recorded October 3, 2016