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Spooktacular 2015!


are you ready for the second annual SPOOKTACULAR?!?! rafe and caleb bring their A game, and by that we mean they drink a lot. don’t forget to play along: drink when they say SPOOKTACULAR, fun, or laugh at each other. also whenever someone swears. caleb talks about his overly stressful life, mostly involving too much work. rafe is pretty stoked about her weekend in branson that was much better than expected. she wend to ernie biggs dueling piano bar and talking rocks cavern. rafe goes through some horror movies she watched to ramp up for halloween, and caleb has some opinions about everything. he rants a bit about filmmaking. caleb made some mario maker wii-u levels under the name rafehatescaleb so you should probably play them. you won’t believe the name of one of the levels. they get off-topic with mad tv’s stuart. caleb finally saw sweeny todd at the laurel mill playhouse, in the theatre. they sing a little. rafe talks about peter frampton with platypus lips and gushes a bit about jake stormoen at his miracle maker premiere. while discussing sam rockwell’s poltergeist, rafe and caleb have a complete laugh meltdown. anyway, caleb keeps comparing the old and new poltergeist while rafe never saw the old one. they did songs about ghosts. they get caught up in discussing supernatural. caleb keeps burping. next week, hair high and songs about hair! don’t forget to like rafe hates caleb on facebook and follow @rafehatescaleb on twitter to stay in the loop with all their shenanigans.

originally recorded October 26, 2015

Gather Rain


rafe gets a little too graphic talking about thunderknuckles and caleb and rafe try to come up with a naming convention for her beaus – caleb has the transformers, which is amazing. he goes on a date with starscream, who doesn’t drink and caleb doesn’t understand. but she’s allergic to green vegetables. BUT WAIT IT GETS BETTER – someone has a secret crush on caleb!! they discuss their very healthy eating habits. caleb talks about ghosts in his childhood home. rafe contemplates why someone would delete their profile on okcupid. for the record, she has over 50 okcupid contacts in her phone. they talk about their sam rockwell movie, hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, and their favorite songs from the 1960’s. caleb totally takes over the podcast with his singing. caleb has dreams about a person from his past. they both say things are weird. a lot. weird is the word of the day. rafe whines to caleb until he lets her talk about kickstarter. GUESS WHAT SHE BACKED ANOTHER MOVIE WITH ADAM JOHNSON (a christmas dragon, which is out on DVD now). also, caleb is such an asshole but then he hurts himself which is totally karmic justice. they end on a high note arguing about being like dudeOMG.

originally recorded september 6, 2014