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Yoga Hosers


it’s literally halloween and caleb has some very important interruptions during the show. he also got beat up, which reminds rafe of veronica mars. there was an RL stine AMA, if you like that sort of thing. and then caleb’s cat derails everything. they reminisce about utah, drinking, and rafe gets way to close to the mic. caleb does some crazy shit with his computer and is catching up on the flash (not the arrow, because yeah. the arrow). they watched justin long be cute in yoga hosers. caleb summarizes the whole movie so that you don’t have to watch it ever. rafe rattles off a bunch of suggested alternate titles and suddenly caleb has a bologna crisis. he does a mini comparison with kevin smith movies. btw caleb keeps getting up to pass out candy. they do songs about stretching and BOY WAS IT A STRETCH eyyyyyyyy!! there’s some real talk about gary and how great he is #TweeterOutTheButtholer! they go through future sam rockwell movies (always hoping for more movies from him) and get ready for the alan rickman run. next week, they’ll be watching justin long movie in ghost team. rafe will do ghost songs and caleb is team. don’t forget to like rafe hates caleb on facebook and follow @rafehatescaleb on twitter to stay in the loop with all their shenanigans.

originally recorded October 31, 2016

Hair High


rafe starts out saying stephen shimek’s name incorrectly when talking about nocturne, and then talks about german food. caleb had a drunken weekend in long island and has some moments in his head. he also goes over some of his favorite drinks. he visited with mathlete’s family. big step! rafe and caleb learn a bit about the boroughs of new york city and caleb goes through his weekend being pissy. caleb realizes he has to post some code for his jump aromatherapy mario level. rafe got brony a christmas present… now… and caleb rips rafe’s heart out. rafe talks fondly about her dad and says LIKE A MILLION TIMES. there’s an awkward moment where caleb hears a cricket. they were going to cut it out but didn’t. you’re welcome. they watched hair high for their justin long movie and wow was it a weird one. beetlejuice (the TV series) comes up and they argue about which network aired it. both are wrong – it was ABC, then fox kids. but back to hair high! it’s weird. be in a weird mood if you want to watch it. spoilers. they did songs about hair. caleb watched will ferrell in “ferrell takes the field” which is apparently worth a watch. rafe’s bright place is about yao ming saving sharks and rhinos and elephants! next week, dodgeball and songs about BALLS. don’t forget to like rafe hates caleb on facebook and follow @rafehatescaleb on twitter to stay in the loop with all their shenanigans.

originally recorded November 1, 2015

Spooktacular 2015!


are you ready for the second annual SPOOKTACULAR?!?! rafe and caleb bring their A game, and by that we mean they drink a lot. don’t forget to play along: drink when they say SPOOKTACULAR, fun, or laugh at each other. also whenever someone swears. caleb talks about his overly stressful life, mostly involving too much work. rafe is pretty stoked about her weekend in branson that was much better than expected. she wend to ernie biggs dueling piano bar and talking rocks cavern. rafe goes through some horror movies she watched to ramp up for halloween, and caleb has some opinions about everything. he rants a bit about filmmaking. caleb made some mario maker wii-u levels under the name rafehatescaleb so you should probably play them. you won’t believe the name of one of the levels. they get off-topic with mad tv’s stuart. caleb finally saw sweeny todd at the laurel mill playhouse, in the theatre. they sing a little. rafe talks about peter frampton with platypus lips and gushes a bit about jake stormoen at his miracle maker premiere. while discussing sam rockwell’s poltergeist, rafe and caleb have a complete laugh meltdown. anyway, caleb keeps comparing the old and new poltergeist while rafe never saw the old one. they did songs about ghosts. they get caught up in discussing supernatural. caleb keeps burping. next week, hair high and songs about hair! don’t forget to like rafe hates caleb on facebook and follow @rafehatescaleb on twitter to stay in the loop with all their shenanigans.

originally recorded October 26, 2015

Spooktacular 2014


it’s the first annual rafe hates caleb SPOOKTACULAR!! oooOOOOoooohhh!!!! very exciting things in this episode. FIRST, there’s a drinking game. feel free to play along. drink whenever someone says halloween, rafe is dumb, rafe says she hates caleb, or anytime they say SPOOKTACULAR.
apparently when rafe drinks, she says “like” a lot. like, a lot. caleb and rafe go through the reasons they love halloween, the movies that scare, that delight, that strike fear into the heart of rafe (because caleb’s a hardass). let’s not forget movies that have sam rockwell in them… aka CLOWNHOUSE. learn creepy things about the director! rafe and caleb talk about their memorable costumes, discuss zombies, and caleb makes fun of rafe for liking goats. they discuss halloween BACK IN MY DAY because they are old. both of them have moments of “have you ever had a dream?” it’s charming, really. they were going to edit them out but this is what drinking is all about – making mistakes and laughing about it. they also have special SPOOKTACULAR (oooOOOOoooohhh!) songs this week. and and and rafe talks about LASER DOG written by greg mccrary (you should read it for reals tho). it’s a fun comic and it’s cheap! go buy it! and enjoy this screaming goat. on a side note, we promise rafe isn’t a pedophile; the guy involved in her weekend is a full-grown non-furry adult. supernatural monsters/beings are debated (spoiler alert: caleb wins)(spoiler alert: ACTUAL SPOILERS). rafe’s going to be boring and stay home on halloween but caleb’s going to rock out with PAIN! which is his buddy kyle’s band. they hope you get to have a great time on this SPOOKTACULAR halloween.

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originally recorded October 26, 2014