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The Reign of the Mad Scotsman


the pope tries to be nice and it blows up in his face, which prompts caleb to think about what makes someone a good parent. he arrogance displays itself with full force! rafe finds out what boxing day actually is. spoilers: it’s not as cool as she wanted it to be. rafe also brings up ridiculous kickstarters that no one should support, but also a cool breaking bad kickstarter. they briefly touch on their christmas traditions. oh, and rafe actually watched the christmas dragon!! and rafe tries to say jake stormoen‘s last name. caleb and rafe switch personas, which was actually a request from josh of furybox and they just missed it last episode. caleb makes fun of rafe. like, a lot. he then talks about his next steps to grad school with letters of recommendation. they discuss their sam rockwell movie, “a midsummer night’s dream” and caleb talks about puck in the sandman comic versus the play. they gush over this one a bit. sorry about that. they picked their three favorite foreign songs for the music this week. other stuff happens but you’ll have to listen. anyway, don’t forget to listen to our sister podcasts (it’s funny because all of them are guys): dude OMG! and Casuals.

originally recorded december 14, 2014