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My Brother the Time Traveler (2017)


It’s the Holiday Special! Rafe and I went to New York City! We watched Maclain’s latest, My Brother the Time Traveler, and had an absolute ball. We met Murr from Impractical Jokers! He got us white girl wasted with so many shots of Jameson. The movie is awesome and Rafe and I should be putting out a link for people to see it soon! In addition to discussing the trip and the film, Rafe tells us her favorite songs about ‘Brothers,’ while I share my favorite songs featuring ‘Time Travel.’ We also will be getting together our care package for a lucky fan in an upcoming giveaway. Why? Because we hit 10,000 downloads and we couldn’t have down it with y’all! So! Keep an eye on those Facebook and Twitter feeds and catch the latest updates. Check out the copypasta below for links to those sites and enjoy the episode!

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Originally recorded December 21, 2017