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Tweeter Out The Buttholer


dragon warriors has a “save the date” and rafe and caleb have to figure out the logistics – on this episode, of course. rafe might be moving servers in final fantasy XIV which is really only interesting to the people involved. caleb has a new friend to talk to about games. caleb tries to share how to make bangin potato soup and also how he’s successfully dating. caleb has news about an animal!! rafe keeps trying to talk and caleb interrupts and honestly it’s pretty entertaining. rafe saw pixels and caleb complains about all the horrible adam sandler movies. they eventually get to the sam rockwell movie, drunks. THE LAST SAM ROCKWELL MOVIE (for now). rafe and caleb disagree on this one, but no one is surprised about that. a year in review! favorite sam rockwell movies! least favorite! they do their songs about drinking. hooray, drinks and drunks. they go over the guesses for the new actor! someone got it right! you should like rafe hates caleb on facebook and follow @rafehatescaleb on twitter to stay in the loop with all their shenanigans.

originally recorded August 25, 2015