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Tinder Swipes


rafe hates lollipop for andriod (it’s the worst). caleb and rafe bring light into everyone’s life by quoting the GI joe PSAs and caleb basically recaps how he works every day. caleb is not good with hearing good news. more adventures with the kitten, and adventures with rafe judging people on tinder. she and caleb rewrite his tinder profile and do more judging. rafe logs back into okcupid which is a bad idea. picking apart tinder profiles is a good idea, though. #nofatties. hey, castlevania guy is doing a new video game called bloodstained!! it almost makes up for the horrible sam rockwell movie. thankfully, they get to say a bad word a lot because it’s their song theme this week. rafe talks about a an alaskan litter of kittens for the bright place and caleb fucks around on dictionary.com. don’t forget to like rafe hates caleb on facebook and follow rafe or caleb on twitter to stay in the loop with all their shenanigans.

originally recorded May 19, 2015

Freaky Friday


caleb starts off with a horrible parody using an annoying song and it all goes downhill from there. rafe meets a new guy on okcupid who is a friend, really just a friend. both caleb and rafe go through their new year’s adventures. caleb goes through his favorite TV shows and the replacements that filled the emptiness inside him when the shows were done. they discuss issues with jerking off. rafe gives a quick update of her eye surgery. they talk about some movies from 2014 worth seeing and caleb explains the best game show idea ever. rafe commends caleb on being strong enough for 4chan. rafe starts a new segment about something happy and caleb makes puns. they watched sam rockwell in box of moonlight and talked about their top 80’s music this week. they also talk about body swapping (à la freaky friday) and caleb really gets into it. caleb and rafe bicker, as is it should be. and don’t forget to like rafe hates caleb on facebook and follow rafe or caleb on twitter to stay in the loop with all their shenanigans.

rafe has decided she has too much stuff… for the month of january 2015 she’ll be setting free a lot of her lootcrate (and other nerdy) things. all you have to do to qualify is, during january 2015, retweet a january 2015 podcast tweet or share a rafe hates caleb facebook podcast post. she will GIVE YOU STUFF AS LONG AS THERE’S STUFF TO GIVE. that means you’ll most likely get a prize. how cool is that? here’s where it gets better: if you retweet (or share on facebook) every january 2015 podcast post IN january 2015, you’ll get an extra entry. you have to either retweet all or repost all to get the extra entry. you can’t retweet some and repost the others. NO MIXING OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA. she has like 20-30 items to give away so please tell your buddies about sharing and retweeting. baby steps:
1. during the month of january 2015, RT at least one january 2015 rafe hates caleb episode tweet (tweet example here) or share a rafe hates caleb facebook post (facebook example here)
2. Step 2 is unnecessary – Caleb said so
3. ???
4. almost GUARANTEED chance for random gift
5. optional awesomeness (aka the ALL IN): during january 2015, RT ALL january 2015 rafe hates caleb episode tweets OR share all january 2015 rafe hates caleb posts and get an extra entry.

* the single entry will be qualified using facebook and twitter. this means if you share once on facebook and RT once on twitter, you get two entries. there will be a limit of two regular entries per household and two “ALL IN” entries per household. if you have any questions about the rules, you can always post to rafe hates caleb‘s wall or tweet to rafe or caleb and we’ll be happy to clarify anything

originally recorded December 28, 2014

Pouring Tea For Two


oh god, this episode is so goddamn depressing. a sad sam rockwell movie (the green mile) and songs that make them cry. BUT before all that sadness, rafe talks about about okcupid and caleb gets cheeky about his sensitivity. rafe has decided not to diet or exercise at all, ever again. she and caleb both recap the last three weeks of their lives. that means they’re catching up to being a current podcast whooohooooo. rafe saw the maze runner and they debate the logistics of the story. rafe saw some anime, then complains about her annual work review. then caleb recaps, and talks about continuing his higher education, and how awesome world of warcraft is. then they discuss how to get away with suicide. then farts. then rafe mentions someone from twitter who didn’t want to be mentioned but she’s a jerkface. oh, and that vending machine thing they were talking about is here. then they talk about sex stuff. again. why does this always happen? oh, yeah – rafe is easy. anyway! SADNESS. side note, rafe promises to try to get motivated to update the sam rockwell and music pages… maybe.

originally recorded october 12, 2014

My Life is Pretty Plain


lots of giggles in episode nine. rafe and caleb have trouble figuring out where rafe is with scrubs. rafe reads an okcupid profile aloud and it’s amazing, then she gets angry and yells a bit. caleb talks about the awkwardness of tinder and dating in general, and being jerked off in cars, which prompts rafe to tell the story of the strangest man she’s ever been with (hint: nipple rubbing and virgins). caleb and rafe also divulge the most interesting one night stands they’ve had. they talk about their sam rockwell movie, cowboys and aliens, and rafe kind of gushes a bit. not sexually, you perv (well, maybe a little when olivia wilde comes up). there are also songs! because that happens every week. rafe sings! that doesn’t happen every week and you’ll hear why (it’s horrible). by the way, rafe would like to apologize for not updating the sam rockwell and music pages recently. she’s been too busy playing WoW and… well, that’s about it.

originally recorded August 10, 2014