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Race Riots and Mother’s Day


rafe rehashes another brony battle and ends up getting angry and yelling at caleb. caleb counters by talking about someone with tourette’s. caleb hung out with his boyfriends which is super sexy. he also watched the documentary about scientology called going clear and he thinks you should watch it, too. caleb thinks his car is okay, but… he doesn’t have it… rafe tells a boring story about allergies and her local honey. rafe reads her favorite tweetku which is awesome. then caleb jumps on his soapbox in regards to the riots in baltimore and bemoans racism which totally kills the mood, like always . then of course they do their sam rockwell movie (conviction) and talk songs that remind them of their mothers. believe it or not, there’s a bright place, too. well, allergies and haikus.

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originally recorded April 27, 2015