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Anal Hand Holding


rafe spends WAY too much time figuring out a song. there are a lot of awkward pauses in this episode. rafe and caleb talk toilets and sad anniversaries. and anal, of course. rafe complains about house hunting and caleb gives rafe shit about everything. caleb’s back in class and rafe is actually interested. also burrito talk…. food is really important to them. rafe rails against being nice. caleb makes a lot of jokes that rafe doesn’t get. and so so much brony talk. they watched their sam rockwell movie, and no way they did songs of the week, too!! caleb kind of raps. bright place comes up way at the end, so don’t turn off the podcast when they start talking about their music. and rafe wants your happy stories!!! TELLLL HERRRR. caleb guesses things about the superbowl which is now totally irrelevant. don’t forget to like rafe hates caleb on facebook and follow rafe or caleb on twitter to stay in the loop with all their shenanigans.

originally recorded February 1, 2015

Pouring Tea For Two


oh god, this episode is so goddamn depressing. a sad sam rockwell movie (the green mile) and songs that make them cry. BUT before all that sadness, rafe talks about about okcupid and caleb gets cheeky about his sensitivity. rafe has decided not to diet or exercise at all, ever again. she and caleb both recap the last three weeks of their lives. that means they’re catching up to being a current podcast whooohooooo. rafe saw the maze runner and they debate the logistics of the story. rafe saw some anime, then complains about her annual work review. then caleb recaps, and talks about continuing his higher education, and how awesome world of warcraft is. then they discuss how to get away with suicide. then farts. then rafe mentions someone from twitter who didn’t want to be mentioned but she’s a jerkface. oh, and that vending machine thing they were talking about is here. then they talk about sex stuff. again. why does this always happen? oh, yeah – rafe is easy. anyway! SADNESS. side note, rafe promises to try to get motivated to update the sam rockwell and music pages… maybe.

originally recorded october 12, 2014

Rafe Hates Rafe


episode seven didn’t turn out very upbeat, mostly due to the depressing sam rockwell movie. caleb chastises rafe for being an uncompromising asshole when it comes to children, namely a six year old girl. they talk about books made into movies (mostly how disappointing they can be) and caleb goes on a tangent with some weird greek god books and some other weird, sad philosophical book. regardless, there are still some laughs in this episode – mostly relating to how rafe shouldn’t have kids. their three weekly songs are very solid picks. please take a listen for reals. hey you got anything better that they should listen to? why don’t you tell them so? eh? eh? DO IT. rafe is indignant about very boring okcupid messages because she expects too much of everyone on the internet. god, she’s really a bitch in this whole episode.

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originally recorded July 13, 2014