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All I Can Say


we tallied how many times rafe says solid. can you guess how many times? rafe admits she would spend more money (NO WAY). caleb goes through his insane schedule but that’s irrelevant now because this was originally recorded in july. sorry, caleb stalkers. although we DO know rafe has picked where caleb will live for the next 5-10 years. rafe tells some boring tech and cell phone stories. well, so does caleb. cellphone data plans, seriously guys? and talking about the weather?!?! boring-ass fuckers. hearing caleb diagnose sam rockwell‘s character in “confessions of a dangerous mind” is pretty legit. both of them talk about animated gifs and pronounce gifs like gifs instead of like gifs, which rafe hates. oh, and supernatural slash fiction is amazing. they drool over good hamburgers and greasy food and argue about chinese food. rafe gets sad about cord not liking fat girls and caleb solves all of rafe’s drinking problems. there are songs somewhere in there, too. oh, and hot dogs in the face. solid.

we’re giving away the lootcrate walking dead print. you can have one entry by doing one of the following. if you do THREE of the following, you’ll get two entries. if you do ALL of the following, you’ll get three entries. the giveaway ends november 2, 2014 and we’ll announce a winner within a week.
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originally recorded July 27, 2014