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I Like Watching the Puddles


this episode starts with rafe and caleb complaining about g-force. it’s a horrible movie with some great actors (including sam rockwell, of course), then rafe grumbles about nicholas sparks’ romantic stories… she may or may not be viewing the entire world through cynical eyes. boring stories abound!! the power outage! the cultural food! masturbation! sweat and umbrellas! woodpeckers! we’re sorry that rafe leads a mundane midwest life. caleb tries to recover by making up a new sex move.

caleb talks about dating woes (tinder) and how he’ll clean his house for a stranger coming over but not for rafe. ok ok, he didn’t say that specifically, but it’s true. and he faps. NOT ON THE PODCAST. wouldn’t THAT be entertaining? rafe is a socially awkward penguin, and a stalker, when it comes to cashiers. rafe ponders what to do with a school bus if she owned one. she’s power hungry. speaking of cars, caleb hates his and has to learn how to do his own repairs. they talk about mashups as their songs of the week. caleb totally cheated by making someone else find songs for him (thanks, DJ pollyswag). oh, and rafe has no shame and will go on two first-meets in one day. but caleb’s a liar so we think that’s worse. anyway, a woodpecker basically ruins the end of this episode. enjoy.

originally recorded August 24, 2014