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Rafe’s Search for Meaning


two big news stories starting this delightful podcast regarding lions and cheaters. then web advertisements. and warriors. caleb ponders all the bad words that the FCC hates and also friendship. and moistness. ugh. this spawns an odd game of “would you rather.” rafe brings the mood crashing down by talking about denying the reality of death and avoiding nihilism. caleb drops some sick truth because he’s the best. um, yo momma jokes? that happens. they chat a bit about life and being hungry and old saturday night live. the sam rockwell movie is 13 moons. rafe has a hell of a time keeping all her sam movies straight, but they quickly jump into their songs that have numbers in them. bright place was all about you should like rafe hates caleb on facebook and follow @rafehatescaleb on twitter to stay in the loop with all their shenanigans.

originally recorded August 18, 2015