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Blind Date (1987)


rafe complains about allergies and caleb complains about… laughing? yeah it’s a weird show. but hey, good news about lucifer and tom welling! after tons of rambling, rafe is excited about the book thing opens back up in baltimore! they also have a deep discussion about which blade runner should be watched. then they get into a debate about star wars. it goes on for quite a bit… if you want to skip it, they stop arguing about 40 minutes in. then they talk about the bruce willis movie, blind date. after that, time for the songs! caleb did blind and rafe did date. SPOOKTACULAR is coming up, so they need to pick a movie!! also next week they’ll be watching bruce willis in sunset. at the end, rafe remembers that kristin bell did an AMA on reddit so if you’re a fan, go check out her answers. anyway, go vote for the SPOOKTACULAR movie!!!

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originally recorded October 10, 2017